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Latest title in the Rick Ryder Ozark Blood series.  Ryder is former KC detective that walked out because of the politics involved in the department with his last two dollars he buys a Powerball ® ticket and becomes a billionaire. Now he helps the helpless, as a detective charging a dollar a day, he pays the expenses.


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In this mixed-up world we live in, we all need an anchor to hold us in place- God. Ruth Guenzler 'one of a kind' look on things going on in our daily life can give you just that.   



Coming in 2022

Coming soon in 2022 "Tame the Audacity". An easy-to-understand guide on how to install, use, record, mix and produce with the free download program of Audacity ®. Loaded with hundreds of photos of actual instruments, and screen shots of projects. From how to set up your studio, hook up microphone and instruments, how to create multiple tracks, to creating a background voices and full album.   Plus, tips on doing a pod cast. Create a chorus effect, create background vocals with a single vocal track. As it guides you through each step in the program. This will become the best guide on this program.

PAH Publishing International  founded in 2001is an independent publisher, of automotive-based technical manuals, that consist of decoder, interchange, and restoration guides for classic cars. PAH Publishing is growing in its field and now will accept other non-fictional subjects such as history and instructional books.  

Golden Roads Publishing was founded in 2015. It is an imprint of PAH Publishing and is the fiction house of the company. We specialize in mystery, romance, and suspense with a hint of a religious tone.  Golden Roads also publishes Devotionals and other study aids.