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Submission Guide Lines

Unlike many other publishers, we are still open to submissions, providing they fit the list of our subjects. It must be marketable, in other words, there must be a market for your book. 

 Although we take submissions we do NOT want to see your manuscript as a whole unless we request it.  What we want is an outline and book proposal and a short sample of the book  (such as the first three chapters).


PAH Publishing is interested in non-fictional material as well. Our primary subject is automotive manuals, both technical and historical. To those that are attempting this be aware we have been in this industry for over 30 years so we know the field well so you must be an expert in this also.  PAH Publishing is also interested in other books on subjects in history.  You must state your expertise in being able to write this type of book. 


Golden Roads is the fiction and religious-based house of the company. For fiction, we accept mystery, romance, suspense, and action-adventure. We require that the story have some characters, especially the main ones, have a religious back story. That their faith may be tested in the story.  We do not want the story to be about their faith, but that the characters faith be interwound into the story.  We also do not want to see 'holier than thou'  characters as that is not real. 


In romance stories, we do not want to see just a romance we also want a riveting story as the main driver. A story that will cause even those that are not drawn to romance to be interested. We also not want to see the over graphic scenes of sex. Make it PG at the most.


For mysteries make sure characters are likable and believable.  The story should allow the reader to figure it out, but the story must twist and turn keep the reader interested until the very last page.  The same goes for other genres also.  If you can't interest us, it can't interest the reader.

Things we are NOT interested in is a personal history unless you have an extraordinary tale or are well known.  If you ran into a burning building and saved ten people and then went back into the building to get the two kittens, that we would like. We also do NOT want to see family history, automotive-based fiction, or poetry. 


Submit only by EMAIL. DO NOT PHONE us with an idea. We will take a proposal by mail, but you must include a SASE for a reply. The reply will also take longer. 


NON-FICTION Proposal  


This should be 10-15 pages and attached as a Word doc. or pdf file.       

 Tips in submitting: A nonfiction idea 

Give us a general idea of what the book is about but really focus on who will buy the book and why. Why will the content benefit the reader or why the reader will care.  Show us an "evidence of need.” Why this book? Why does it matter? What need does it fulfill?  Why are you the one to write it? Your proposal must focus on these questions, and not get lost in explaining your book’s ideas. Always discuss the content in relation to the reader’s need. 

In this proposal include


A working title: 

A list of other competitive titles

This section analyzes competing book titles and why yours is different or needed. You should list at least 3-5 titles. For each entry in your competitive title analysis, begin by listing the title, subtitle, author, publisher, year of publication, page count, price, format, and the ISBN. If it has a specific edition number, include that, too. Do not list things such as Amazon ranking, star rating, or reviews or sales numbers that are up the marketing department of the company.


Briefly summarize each book's approach in relation to your own title  (about 100-200 words per title only, we do not need nor want an essay on the subject). You should be able to clearly explain the difference between your title from the competition and show why there’s a need for your book. 

Do not trash the competition; we do not want to see John Smith who wrote the ABC History of the Mustang does not know what the **** he is talking about. That will get you rejected right away. Do your title research—we can tell when you haven’t done your homework, plus fully understanding the competition should help you write a better proposal. Whatever you do, don’t claim there are no competitors to your book. If there are truly no competitors, then your book might be so weird and specialized that it won’t sell. For example, there is a reason why there is no restoration manual on the 1974 Ford Pinto.  The big thing is to tell us who and why they will buy your book. 

An outline of what will be covered in this book.

Do not make this like an outline that you were taught in school; give us a short paragraph or two of what each chapter or section will be like.

The length of the manuscript

gives the word and page count. And the number of photos that the book will have. 

Target market or target audience

Here tell us where else we can sell this book to more than just readers.  Avoid things like there were 1 million Ford Taurus sold, you must show us that there are growing clubs all over the nation for these owners who are looking for information on this make.  Do not tell us that I have many friends and you think we need more information on the history of our town.  Instead, tell us that 20,000 tourists visited our town last year to see the battlefield.   


Marketing plan

We are in this together. With a publisher and an author, it is like a marriage. We will get you in the market but you also need to help.  What are you going to do to get this book out and selling?  Do not tell us you 'plan on doing something' for example: When I am published I plan on contacting the bookstore for a book signing. Or I plan on attending a car show and selling books there.  Instead, tell us I have contacted these ( and list them) and have arranged a book signing when available.  I have contacted my local auto parts dealer and he is ready to buy.  I have a website or a Facebook page where I am currently doing a blog on this subject. 


Author bio

Tells us what else you  have had published, this also includes photos.  What are your qualifications to write this book?  Send us samples of your published pieces. These can be scanned and sent in an attached document.


Sample Chapters

Send us the first three chapters

For Fiction:


Win us over at the start.  Start with action.  In any type of story.  Do not wait to build up a story.  If you cannot hook us in the opening chapter, it will likely get rejected. 

Working title


Romance, mystery...what type of story is it. 


What market will buy this?

Gives a group that will buy this book.  Give us an age group and income group.  Do not tell us everyone will buy this book. That does not happen.  


What are other books that are like yours?

If your story is unlike any other out there than it may not have a market.



What is your Marketing plan? 

What kind of platform do you have that can promote this title?  Do not list things you will do, but what you are doing.

Author Bio:

What else have you written and had published? 

Length of your story?   

How many words is it? NOT PAGES.  

A short description of your story.

Think of this as the blurb on the back of the book. 1-2 paragraphs. 


A synopsis of the story

This should be 3-10 pages in length and describe the complete story. Do not tell us it is a work in progress, or if it is a mystery that you reveal who did it when the manuscript is complete.  If it is romance make sure you show us they are compelling characters and how the story develops and ends. If it is an action or adventure shows how you put the characters into peril and how they escape with the skills the character has. Do not make your characters bigger than life. We do not want to see a hero that is an expert marksman plus a skilled driver, and a black belt that is not believable. Put ordinary people into extraordinary circumstances and things that they may have to overcome.  For example, a traffic cop comes to his high school reunion and at the same time a group of drug dealers breaks out of jail and takes the group hostage, and he has to help the traffic cops to save his old classmates. 


 Sample chapters

Send us the first 30 pages of your book.

Send as an attached WORD or PDF file to

Or send to:

PAH Publishing

Dept 101-DE

Monett, MO 65708




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