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GTO no other model has the mystic or essence, it is the King of the Muscle Cars. It is pure American; its name originates from Italian ancestry. But like the great melting pot it married
into a simple yet proud American family-Pontiac. Encased in brand new Tempest clothing, the GTO set up its rule on the streets. There had been nothing like the GTO before, a car based on performance, set and aimed directly at the youth
market. It was a whole new direction in the automotive
world; a direction that would send other manufacturers scrambling to find a contender. Many contenders rose up to take the challenge, but as when the dust settled, there was only one winner the GTO.


  Basing the GTO on the mid-sized Pontiac Tempest was done to kept the cost down on the model, but it also helps you today as many of those simple Tempest and LeMans body parts will fi t your GTO. However, to give the GTO its own true identity many parts are unique. Do you know which ones are? What parts will fi t your GTO? You will with this guide. Listed inside is nearly every interchangeable part that will fit your classic GTO. Oh, by the way author John Miller also included the other entire Tempest, and LeMans lines, and all body styles. So if you have a 1964-72 mid-sized Pontiac, you can not be without this guide.

Tempest GTO and Lemans Body Trim and Glass

  • 9789280974775


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