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   “Just runnin’ down the road’s his idea of having fun.”  The lyrics to the cartoon Road Runner, it was this cartoon that would inspire one of that all-time greatest muscle cars-the Plymouth Road Runner.  Built due to a challenge from a magazine reporter, Plymouth created the ‘budget or poor man’s muscle car.’  Other manufacturers would try to catch this ‘elusive bird,’ but none would have its success. 


However, Plymouth’s entry into the battle of the GTO started the year before-1967- with the GTX. While the Road Runner was bare bones, dressed for speed, the GTX was dressed for speed and high class.  With a high-grade interior trim, the name would become a legend in its own right.  


  While the Road Runner and the GTX    
 were at the opposite ends of the spectrum 
 of muscle cars they share many parts, 
 including those with other Belvederes  
 and Dodge models, even full-size models.  
 But which ones? 

    With Used Parts Buyers Guide Road Runner and GTX you will know that.  This guide is loaded with thousands of interchanges that are solely for the 1968-1974 Plymouth mid-sized models, and covers all models, not just Road Runner And GTX.  It also includes hundreds of photos and factory illustrations to help you identify parts from engine casting to nameplates and trim. So if you own a Belvedere with a 318 to a GTX with a Hemi, Used Parts Buyers Guide Road Runner and GTX is the perfect guide for you. 

Road Runner GTX Used Parts Buyers Guide 1968-1974

  • 9781735074306

  • 228 

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