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Step back in time. To a time that cars were big, and while there were sporty trim options and even powerful engines tucked under their hood-they were still your dad’s car.  Enter a man named Lee Iaccoca that had vision for a new car.  A sporty car, that was affordable, yet made for the youth market. A two-door model with a long hood and short deck. Born in April 1964 was the Ford Mustang.  It was so popular that it sold over a half million in its first year and half of production.  So popular it became a game of ‘Count the Mustangs’ for kids on family trips. So popular it sent every other manufacturer into tail spin creating their own ‘pony-car’.  Without the Ford Mustang, there would have not been a Camaro, A Firebird, Challenger, Javelin or the classic 1970-1974 Barracuda. 


  The Mustang would go through many different looks in its lifetime as a model. However, it is the 1964-1/2 to 1973 Mustang that remains the favorites. Now as unique as the Mustang was it shared many things with other Ford models; the 1964-1968 the Falcon and the 1968-1973 The Fairlane/Torino. Knowing what these parts are can save you time is searching for parts and could save you money. With the Mustang Used Parts Buyers Guide you can do just that.  This guide is loaded thousands of interchanges and over 200 photos and factory licensed illustrations to help with just doing that.  A must have if you own one of these classics.  

Mustang Used Parts Buyers Guide 1964-1973 ISBN 9781735074344

  • 9781735074344

  • 354

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