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Impala Super Sport some say it was the fi rst muscle car. Bucket seats and floor shift, and when equipped with a 409-ci V-8 it does make a point. Maybe it was because it could also be had a six cylinder or a lowly 283-ci V-8 that some do not
see it this way. But when Chevrolet introduce an optional package and backed it up with an engine straight out of the Corvette’s catalog the 427 Turbo-Jet packing out 425-hp no one could not say that car was a pure muscle car. The Impala SS would run only from 1961 to 1969 but be it a bubble top or street terror with the Corvette engine, the Impala Super Sport is one of a kind. As unique as it was it shared many parts with many other Chevrolet’s and other GM models. Knowing what parts those are can be a great help when searching for parts. Impala Super Sport Used Parts Buyers Guide is just what you need to help you with this. It is loaded with thousands of interchanges that only for 1961-1969 Super Sport models. It also contains over 200 photos and illustrations to help you identify the parts in question, be it from the engine, to the suspension to nameplates and trim. Impala Super Sport Used Parts Buyers Guide has it covered.

Impala SS Interchangeable Parts 1961-1969

  • 9781735074375

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