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   “Have the Audacity” will guide you through the step by step process of downloading, learning how the program works, and how to      record any instrument and vocals with this program. Included are tips on how to make your vocals sound better, guitar sound bigger and how to create your own back up singers. Plus, it will guide you through the process of mixing, mastering and designing your own album.  Even if you are beginner, you will be able to understand and operate the program, and it is all done with a touch of humor and loaded with hundreds of photos when those details get overwhelming. The author uses his own songs that were created for this book as examples in the step-by-step instructions. And at the end of the guide, it also cover the legal aspects of the music business, once the album is done.  

  No other guide out there covers as much detail about the free Audacity program as this one.  Even if you are experienced with Audacity you will find how-to tips that you may not have known. If you have Audacity already on your computer or are planning on  downloading it. “Have the Audacity”…is a must-have guide.   

Have the Audacity a Guide to Recording, Mixing and Mastering on Audacity

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