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Buick, it is oft en seen as the sensible automobile or even the
teacher’s car. However, it did teach a lesson in high performance beginning in 1964. Th e released a car aimed right at the Ford Thunderbird. The Rivera was for the performance luxury crowd.

 Coming with a 425-ci nail head V-8 with an option with twin four barrel putting out 365 hp no one could argue with that.

The next year they would release the Gran Sport option on the mid-sized Skylark line. Using the big car’s 401-ci V-8 as the power it made more than one GTO blink at the stoplight before taking it on. In 1970 Buick came out with one of the fastest muscle cars of that era the GSX Stage 1.

  During that time, it seemed they were making works of art
instead of cars. However, they were in fact passenger cars. And the Rivera shares many of its part with the big Buick, even Skylark share those parts plus with other GM models. But which parts?


  With the Used Part Buyers Guide Buick Muscle Cars all those
questions will be answered. Covering everything from the oil pan to the air cleaner; the transmission to the shift er, and wheels to the suspension this guide is a must have.

Buick Used Parts Engine Drive train and Suspension

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